Einstein had a problem with time!

Albert Einstein

Einstein had a problem with time! I repeat… Einstein, as in Albert, had a problem with time! He could not differentiate today from yesterday or tomorrow, and this is what allowed him to discover the theory of relativity – or so Dr Ray O Johnson suggested at the World Economic Forum last week. What an interesting piece of information! […]

Entrepreneurs – Catalysts for a new world?

Entrepreneurs - Catalysts for a new world?

I came back on Sunday from the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore, Tired, yes tired is the word- but strangely energized and buzzing with ideas and words, again, words to put out there. Entrepreneurs seem to be a catalyst for change, Maybe because they all are dreamers, but of a new economy? Maybe because they are passionate and energetic […]

The importance of being… Focused!

The importance of being focus

I had lunch today. Not surprising, you’ll say… Indeed! But I had lunch with a very promising young man, soon to become a very talented entrepreneur. He has worked hard for the last nine years, nine long years, learning from both struggling cities in the north of England and the fast moving and economically booming Far East.  He […]

For YOU… a Manifesto

A Manifesto

“Great achievements, holistic approach, true globe-trotter are the first thoughts coming to my mind when I browse your site. However, there are so many faces, former corporate high-flyer, new entrepreneur, finance executive, woman executive and this to quote just a few. You have so many interests that I am finally a bit confused” commented one […]