Albert Einstein

Einstein had a problem with time!

Einstein had a problem with time!

I repeat… Einstein, as in Albert, had a problem with time!

He could not differentiate today from yesterday or tomorrow, and this is what allowed him to discover the theory of relativity – or so Dr Ray O Johnson suggested at the World Economic Forum last week.

What an interesting piece of information!

A myth just crumbled, yes. However, this is interesting at many different levels.

Think about innovation. The inability to operate in a given environment and the absolute necessity of finding a solution is a pretty powerful concept.

If you want to innovate, what about constraining your environment and seeing what happens?

I wonder what would result from such an exercise in the well-oiled strategic planning cycle of any FTSE 500 companies. How open would the leadership teams be, how willing to push their thinking? How effective would this would be? It’s an interesting thought for any of the VPFP&A  or CFOs who are (hopefully!) reading this blog.

Think about performance appraisals. How would you measure delivery if you had no ability to create…well, impose a deadline?

Would that help your end result, or would you sink into a whirlpool of blissful procrastination? What I am saying … procrastination would not exist anymore.

Finally, think about this at the personal level!  No notion of time, no now and no later, no more ‘I will call you later’ – I am sure the ladies out there would be so relieved at this.

No more of this feeling of a sliced life Mondays to Fridays, Saturday and Sunday, 8-10 am breakfast, 7-9pm drinks and dinner

How refreshing would that be!

Endless space to think and daydream, create and test your ideas. Infinite moments with people you love.

Nevermore this feeling of rushing and rushing…what if real luxury is just time?

But oh, I’m late…for my 10 am !