Capitalism 2.0 Is Coming


Vienna November 2012, Palace Ferstel, in the grand settings of the Palace, memories of Menger, Hayek, Freud and Kohr laced with Elizabeth Of Austria presence are lingering. Mitteleuropa no more…or actually more than ever? This is the gala dinner of the 4th Peter Drucker Forum, the Austrian- born writer, teacher and consultant, who was once tagged […]

Marilyn or James Bond is Memorabilia the new investment craze?


We have said goodbye to lazy afternoons in London parks and drinking 2012 Pimms – a Jubilee and Olympic vintage! Looking back, I realised something was weaving in all these alternative investment columns, from wine to impact investing or art, a sacrosanct concept repeated like an Andy Warhol diptych – constrained supply and growing demand […]

What is interesting about Culture?

What is interesting about Culture?

What is interesting about Culture? This was the opening question of Steve Crossan the Head of Google Cultural Institute to kick off the REMIX Summit. Organized by CultureLabel, a pioneer company in cultural entrepreneurship, REMIXsummit took place last Thursday, 27th of September 2012  at Bloomberg Headquarter in up and coming Finsbury Square. More than two hundred of us eager to […]

One year later…

One year later

It is Friday night again, and I am settling back into my European routine… Paris Friday to Sunday. London, Geneva during the week and soon to be throwing Milan into the mix as a promise of Dolce Vita… I am almost reaching the first year anniversary of my leaving the well-oiled ranks of corporate machinery to […]

A nose for quality can capitalize on liquid assets…

A nose for quality can capitalize on liquid assets ...

Alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular. Read my new column on Global Corporate Venturing and discover a new world of investing opportunities…. Let’s start with Wine… ******* ‘’When I was a little girl, I used to wonder through the vineyards with my grand father. He was an artisan de la magie in the South of France’s Languedoc Roussillon Corbieres AOC making full-bodied and […]

The High Net Worth of your Networks

The High Net Worth of your Networks

net·work·ing noun Definition-  The Merriam Webster Dictionnary The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business- Definition-  Andy Lopata- Business Networking Strategist … please click on the link  The independent Same same but different.