Capitalism 2.0 Is Coming

Vienna November 2012, Palace Ferstel, in the grand settings of the Palace, memories of Menger, Hayek, Freud and Kohr laced with Elizabeth Of Austria presence are lingering. Mitteleuropa no more…or actually more than ever?

This is the gala dinner of the 4th Peter Drucker Forum, the Austrian- born writer, teacher and consultant, who was once tagged as ”the Man who invented management ”. He liked to call himself a “social ecologist” – i.e. someone who deals with the man-made social environment in which we operate.

For two days last week, an eclectic mix of close to three hundred corporate executive, entrepreneurs and prominent members of Academia from all over the world gathered at the heart of the Austrian capital to debate and reflect on the future of Capitalism – no less!

The Forum covered a wide array of topics from role of education to the emerging needs of social entrepreneurship.

Squarely rooted in what we would now tag as more than familiar emerging global trends: