Pamphlet for a new world

Pamphlet for a new world

Has Europe lost its way when it comes to pretty much… everything! Innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, diversity?

Are we, Europeans, so engrossed in our own world, have we become completely unable to break patterns and embrace any type of change?

Are we frozen? Petrified? Risk Averse? Would we ever be able to generate enough change agents to merely survive?

Is the overall fantastic social system the reason for it? Is the inherent complexity of our legal, economical systems? Or shall we look into our cultural background?

Are we doomed to fail?

What will create the necessary wake up call? Our world is in total disarray, and yet we are ‘’debating’’ on what to do? When are we going to start acting? I cannot help but wonder?  

Week three in Hong-Kong, the city is buzzing with energy, with ideas, with openness and collaboration. One lunch is leading to another. One idea is opening the door to a business meeting, one successful business meeting to ten prospects.

Collaboration- not so much competition

Networking- opportunities to network are endless, so many things going on in one week, you need 7 lives at night to keep track of everything.

Work as a value- still very much part of the culture, if you do not work, you do not eat

Diversity- women in business everywhere! I have found not less than twenty, , thirty, forty, fifty clubs nurturing them, inspiring them, energizing them. It is an incredible liberating feeling!

So what it is going to be for Europe? Change or die? Is the only way for us exile into the new world west or east, leaving our culture behind?

Being focused is important but feeling inspired even more, or maybe it should be about taking risk and driving change.

What are you going to do today?