Bringing on back the good times !

Bringing on back the good times!

Do you want to know how life was in ”Shell Center” in 1963?

Click on the following link : Uk Shell Office in 1963 

8:57 minutes that might trigger:

A bit of thinking: in the very short span of forty-nine years – so many things have changed:

On technology – we have welcomed fast and sleek looking computers and we said goodbye to green phones and typewriters.

On office planning – we have welcomed open spaces and open plans, but kept the focus on health and safety.

On corporate culture – we have made progress on the diversity agenda. Today, you would account for a good percentage of males in the open space area and some women in the corner office.

On the power of corporations – how many companies could currently enforce direct access to public transportation for their very own employees? New times, new masters!

A bit of a laugh! What changes fifty years can bring to fashion, comfortable clothing, trousers or power suits for women.  A shame though, we also lost the cute little hats!

And… maybe…for some of you, Ex-Shell Center dwellers- and clearly for me! – it will trigger a bit of nostalgia… I used to sit on this very 14th floor not so long ago !

Have a click, have a look and happy Friday!