Africa 2020- What scenario for a sustainable future?

What is it to be known about Africa, about the diversity and the complexity of a continent that, for a recent part of its long history, has been under the influence of Western countries?

Africa is above all mysterious and it can be defined by one single, albeit powerful and somewhat poetic, word: Contrast.

Contrasts are found in its ethnical variety, its cultural richness, its landscapes and natural resources, its economies, its religions and beliefs…

This continent is marked by a complex mix of predatory history and tragic destiny, impacted by endless civil and tribal wars, where peace is a fragile yet pressing imperative.

As a land of contrast, what are the main trends that will enable one of the last developing continents to leverage its strengths to reach economic growth and societal harmony? How will these trends create possible scenarios for a sustainable future in Africa?

Hear it from Serge H Borg- Former Vice President of Invensys- in the Huffington Post.